Niramax have significantly invested in their state of the art waste processing production site at Hartlepool.

We have the ability to help clients to fulfil their zero waste to landfill ambitions by turning residual waste into fuel.

Niramax produce fuels to a client’s specification from residual waste, using a range of processing techniques. The resulting products are used to generate energy at recovery facilities, helping clients to reduce fossil fuel volumes and avoid waste going into landfill sites.

Refuse Derived Fuel – RDF


RDF is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste. RDF consists largely of the combustible components in municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste and has a lower calorific value then solid recovered fuel.

RDF is low in energy, made up of mainly household waste and is used in combined heat and power plants worldwide producing hot water and electricity.


Solid Recoverable Fuel – SRF

Niramax-_-Hartlepool-Site-10-09-14-24At Niramax we have many years of experience in producing high quality SRF material. We operate to a strict quality control production process and testing regime which ensures our SRF is of the highest standard.

SRF is a higher quality alternative to fossil fuel produced from commercial waste including paper, card, wood, textiles and plastic. It can be produced to a range of specifications to meet customer requirements.

The low moisture and high calorific value makes it a great waste fuel for industries including Cement Manufacturers.