Managing your commercial waste

The Niramax commercial collection service offers all commercial and industrial clients a regular, cost effective and environmentally compliant waste collection solution, tailored to suit your needs.

We can provide a wide variety of containers which are all available with locking lids. Containers are emptied on site and are suitable for both small and large industrial premises.

Where space is limited a container can be used for mixed waste types, removing the need to sort on site. When space does allow and for larger industrial premises we will supply multiple containers.


Front End Loader

Steel bin with easily operated lids. They are static bins and are not easily moved without industrial lifting equipment.

Front End Loaders are be used to collect and dispose of: General waste, Dry Mixed Recycling, Compactable industrial and commercial waste.

Not suitable for glass. Not suitable for hazardous waste.

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Type Width Height Depth
Front End Loader 147cm? 127cm? 112cm?



The open skip is suitable for heavy or non compactable waste.

The design and shape of the container means that all of its capacity is utilised.

  • It has a loading height which makes it easy to use
  • The enclosed container is ideal for hazardous waste or in areas where security is an issue as the doors can be locked thereby helping to prevent unauthorised access
  • We use ADR drivers and can provide consignment notes for special waste so that you can be assured that your waste is disposed of legally

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Type Width Height Depth
8 Yard Open 106cm 305cm 168cm
8 Yard Enclosed 106cm? 305cm 168cm
12 Yard Open 106cm? 356cm 175cm
12 Yard Enclosed 106cm? 356cm 175cm



Benefits of using a compactor:

  • Increased payload in the container reduces transport costs.
  • Easier loading of the container by forklift or they can be supplied with hydraulic loaders thereby eliminating manual handling issues.
  • Improves the environment by providing a fully enclosed disposal system that reduces the risk of fire in the container, prevents wind scatter of loose items, reduces infestation by vermin or birds and prevents people picking through the waste/refuse.
  • Portable compactors prevent liquid spillage on site

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Type Width Height Depth
35 Yard Compactor 226cm 605cm 214cm



The Roll On Roll Off is a large container suitable for bulky, heavy or compacted loads minimising the number of movements off site.

The enclosed container can be locked thereby helping to prevent unauthorised access. The container can be loaded by hand or mechanically.

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Type Width Height Depth
25 Yard 125cm 579cm 219cm
35 Yard 213cm 579cm 219cm
40 Yard 244cm 579cm 219cm
45 Yard 274cm 579cm 219cm